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About Us

We are in Tunisia, a delivery anything platform that allows delivery businesses or courier services to list the products and delivery that they want to offer to the users.

As a user, you can access reliable delivery and courier services which you need every day such as food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, courier delivery, and more.

Atef app, you can keep your business online anytime and reach more customers to expand the business. With the Atef app, entrepreneurs or business owners can expand their business and reach all the customers across Tunisia.

Product Features

Manage Request

Delivery person/Store vendor can manage new order requests with accept/reject option based on their availability.

Store Setting

Store vendors can see & manage store settings like store name, address, minimum order amount, delivery charges and more.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can track their order status in real time after the store vendor accepts their delivery request.

Live Chat

If app users have any questions regarding the order or delivery location; they chat with each other within the app.

User App

The Atef app allows you to order nearby products and courier delivery fast and easy way. You can order grocery delivery, food delivery, courier delivery, pharmacy, flowers, liquor and more.

You can register into an app by providing basic information like name, email, and contact details. Also, you can sign up through a social account. Once you login you can see a wide range of delivery services list and choose whatever you want to order. You have the option to manage your profile, change your password, invite friends, and manage bank account details. You can use the promo code to get the discount from the services request.

Delivery Person App

Want to get an online delivery request to make some money? With the Atef delivery person app, it's possible. Download the Atef delivery app and get real-time order requests online. You can log in/sign up through Email or social accounts like Facebook and Google. Also, you can register with basic details.

With the driver app, you've got an effortless system to manage delivery bookings from users. You become more visible and work when you want as per your time. You can manage profile information, manage vehicles, manage documents, and more. Also, you can see you are earning history with all delivery request details.

Store App

Want to live your store across Tunisia to get online order requests? With the Atef store app, you can start your online business for stores, restaurants, pharmacies, drug shops, supermarkets, flower shops, groceries, courier delivery and more online. You can digitize your store and manage the new request.

The Atef store app allows entrepreneurs to start an online business and expand their business. Install the Atef app, list the product which you want to offer, and get the order request online. You can manage store details, see earning reports, and order history, manage profile details and more. Also, you can promote your business with many offers which attract customers.

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More Features

Manage Profile

A user/driver can manage their profile details like name, email, address, contact details and profile picture.

Earning Report

Delivery person and store vendor can see earning history with all completed, cancelled, pending and running requests.

Manage Document

The delivery person can manage required documents such as a driving licence, ID proof, etc.


After completing a delivery request, users can give ratings and reviews to the driver/store vendor based on their experience.


Having trouble? We are here to help you with your questions and queries!

Bizerte, Tunisia